I had a wonderful experience today – I got to meet a really kind and caring person. Many of you won’t see why this is extraordinary but it is, most people in life are sometimes kind or sometimes caring, but rarely does this character shine through and out into the world. So thank you to all out there who try that little bit more to be nice and kind when you are feeling tired, stressed or otherwise less than positive, it is most appreciated.
I am atypical as an aspie (ie I have Aspergers) in that I grew up with so much change that I think moving house every 6-36months is normal. I like and indeed crave these big changes, though admittedly like most aspies and auties, I like to be in control of my changes.
Sometimes when we plan a change, things don’t go to plan. This is enough to cause stress for most people, for people on the spectrum it can be really difficult, however for some it is the disappointment that provokes the largest emotional response. This can relate to ‘big’ things or things that others perceive as largely irrelevant.
Being female, hairstyle is often perceived as important, but for many women on the spectrum it is much less important. I have had so many haircuts that I don’t like that I just shrug and tell the hairdresser that it looks fine when they ask. I figure it grows out, so at some stage it will look ok. Then I found a hairdresser I was comfortable around and it was bliss, I could plan to go, go and she would be ready for me on time, cut my hair in a reasonable way and then I would pay and leave. She left…. I also left so I can hardly get annoyed (although I did)! I have been on a quest for a comfortable hair cut experience ever since.
Today, I found it with a kind and caring hairdresser, who made suggestions but was happy to go with whatever I wanted. I think the haircut looks good too, which rarely happens. But the best part was the lack of stress or awkwardness in our interaction. Despite the dark outside, it was light in the hairdressers, with the discussion on human attitudes and how these influence behaviour, interaction and wellbeing.
I love deep meaningful conversation, so I have found a hairdresser, but more importantly I have found someone who has a great dream and I look forward to seeing her achieve it in the future. Part of her dream will help to increase the wellbeing of people in a larger way than she currently is able to. This dream is founded on the great values of kindness and caring and a lightness of being than sees value in everyone. This value is common among those on the spectrum but I don’t hear it espoused often by others. 20140528-200314-72194028.jpg