Many thanks to the organisers, funders and attendees at the Victor Harbor Autism Conference 2015. I had a great time sharing my ideas and insights gained over many years of teaching, parenting and researching. When people, whether they are teachers, parents or other educators and family members say that they now have a new understanding of or insight into their students/children/clients, it is fantastic. The presentation I gave seemed to have this lightbulb moment effect on a large number of people, and as usual it can be found on my resources page however I have also decided to put it on this blog posting too. Please feel free to share it around if you think it will be useful for someone you know.

supporting autistic spectrum students june 2015 pdf version

supporting autistic spectrum students june 2015

I will be at the DECD Special Education Expo in Adelaide, South Australia next week presenting two workshops, one around primary and one around pre-schools and understanding autistic spectrum students. Please let me know if there are things that you feel I need to include in future talks, bearing in mind that an hour and a half can only fit a small amount of anything in!