Healthy Possibilities has made a number of changes over the last six months after life got very busy and complicated meaning that little was done between the end of last year and now. Dr Jane Nugent FRNZCGP and FRACGP is pleased to be finally starting to offer GP services to patients on the autism spectrum and their families in Adelaide, just outside the CBD in Kensington Park. She is already pretty much fully booked until the 1st of December. The photo was from her recent trip to Alice Springs with a rescue Joey on the mail plane, following a GP locum in a remote Aboriginal community.

Dr Emma Goodall is having two books on resilience and the autism spectrum published through Jessica Kingsley Publishing in the next few months, thanks to her wonderful co-author Jeanette Purkis. Emma is also finishing off another book with Jeanette and in addition, an academic look at autism myths with two co-authors under contract to Springer Publishing.

One of the biggest changes has been a shift to public speaking, research and writing by Emma as she focuses on the role of interoception in enabling children, young people and adults on the spectrum to live well. Jane has spent a lot of time in New Zealand over the last few years and is now settled in Adelaide, though continuing to work with a variety of organizations in NZ.

Currently surrounding by building work and having lost loved fur kids and human family in the last wee while, life is starting to move forward again. We have found a dedicated disability medicine cohort in Australia and a number of very active autism (self-) advocacy groups and autistic led social groups and activities, including but not limited to ASAN Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, Asperlutely Autsome and Company AT the autistic theater company in Adelaide whose new play, Impersonal Space, starts on Friday.

As we move into Summer, make sure to look after yourselves in the heat and maybe check out some of the autistic focused links above.