We are opening a small holistic health and well-being center in Adelaide in August. As part of this a number of life coaching opportunities will be available.  Life coaching helps you to make positive life changes, so that you have the tools to maximize your physical, mental and emotional potential. Dr Emma, Healthy Possibilities’ life coach will assist you in identifying your character strengths and core values. She will support you in recognizing and optimizing opportunities as they arise. The coaching is designed to both empower and teach you core skills in facilitating positive change in all aspects of your life. Your coach will act not only as a conduit but also as a sounding board to help you as an individual to create an environment of positive change to move you closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations. Your coach will also assist you to understand and focus on what is essential to you and help you to develop strength-based strategies which will help turn life’s challenges, self-doubt and fear into important life lessons which help create positive change.

These life coaching opportunities are suitable for adults including autistic adults and adults with other diverse needs. More details available by following the link below.

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