I don’t think it matters which it is. Whichever it is, it or rather they (plural) are involuntary, large, obvious and painful and they provoke very interesting reactions in those around me. Even people who are used to them have very varied reactions.

I am so used to them that even though they are painful, they don’t really bother me. But they do bother some people. I know it looks weird when my arm contracts and the lashes out either sideways or up towards my face. But really if I could control it, is there any possibility that I would do that?

I have a number of very close friends who are living with mental health difficulties and I am saddened by the way some people respond to them and their day to day challenges. Again, seriously do you think people would choose these challenges.

I was asked if anything can be done to minimise my tics or twitches. It was a genuine question born out of seeing the pain they cause. And the answer seems to be no. But with great insight they asked if it is worse when I am stressed or tired.

And that is where things can be improved. If I am stressed, even if I am unaware that I am stressed, then my tics/twitches are much more frequent and extreme in their movement.

They started when I was a child with a mild ripple across my cheek just under my eye and slowly became more pronounced and further away from my face. So my neck was impacted and then my arms and my legs.

Currently I have these involuntary movements for maybe only ten to twenty minutes a day. I like to think they help contribute to my fitness level. Yes that is a sort of joke. My period limb movement disorder however results in me literally ‘running in my sleep’ like my dog does. Now this helps keep me fit!

It also contributes to my insomnia. The medication for this is hardcore with interesting side effects and a two year length of efficacy in my case. At which point it stops working.

I like being kept fit in any case 🙂

Always good to look at these things with radical acceptance. The grace to understand the difference between what I can and can’t change and all that jazz.

Take care and be nice to people. Ask what you can do to help instead of offering advice that may be unhelpful or damaging to people experiencing difficulties in life at the moment.

Kia kaha to all