Tiny things can have massive impacts on anyone, but I do think we autistics are particularly good at catastrophizing. I recently decided to try having a holiday in a campervan. I have had my first covid vaccination and there are no travel restrictions where I live currently.

Campervans and caravans are hugely popular around Australia, though not cost effective for holidays if you take into account the rental, fuel and insurance costs. But anyway, I discovered there was lots to be bothered by.

I could smell the chemical from the chemical toilet pretty much the whole time and this was bothersome enough that, that alone guarantees I will never hire another campervan or caravan.

The bed/table and benches were not exactly comfortable even though I had taken my own pillows, sheets and duvet. I slept well though, just proving a comfy bed is not in any way related to the amount of sleep I get.

I have what I describe as super Spiderman/Batman hearing, which made the whole trip very bizarre as I could hear the conversations and the drinking around the campsite. Which would have been much more annoying except for the fact that everyone seemed to go to bed super early, like around 8pm!

The flocks of birds and/or bored kids making noise ensured that everyone woke up by 6:30am, so perhaps the 8pm bedtimes were understandable. I however held out by binge watching Korean costume drama soap operas until late and night and then had the temerity to be annoyed by the early morning wake ups.

I was shocked on my last morning of my holiday to see the campers next to me had already dismantled their tents, packed up and moved out at 6:30am! I think my idea of a holiday is quite different to theirs.

So I am home again, tired after my relaxing break. It was very relaxing with beautiful beaches, lovely sunsets and sunrises. It was also however quite tiring driving a big tin can on wheels.

Have a good week everyone. Be nice to yourself and others. If you find you are being massively impacted by something, check in with yourself are you making mountains out of molehills or is it really a big deal. Either way take a moment to check in with yourself and if needed seek support. It really is ok to not be ok, but it is not a good idea to stay no ok.