Healthy Possibilities - achieving autistic potential

Helping people reach their potential


Healthy Possibilities is a New Zealand & Australian Autism consultancy, specialising in helping people to achieve their potential. Emma has Aspergers.

Based in Christchurch and Adelaide, Emma has also been a board member of the Aspire Trust and a member of AspieHelp, which aims to support adults with Aspergers into employment through mentoring. With a background in education, Emma is passionate about the need to educate others to ensure that people on the autistic spectrum are able to not only achieve their potentials, but to live happy lives.

Emma is a skilled and experienced special needs teacher and consultant. Having completed her doctoral research into the effective teaching of students on the autistic spectrum in mainstream education, Emma is passionate about the ability of autistic children and young people to gain skills and knowledge. Emma also has a Masters in special education, a BEd hons as well as Montessori pre-school and school teaching qualifications. She has worked in pre-schools, schools, and as an educational consultant and advisor in Europe and New Zealand, including for the NZ Ministry of Education.

Dr Emma Goodall – Special Needs and Autistic Spectrum Consultant

PhD, MA Ed, Adv dip SEN, BEd hons, Mont dip.


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