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Healthy Possibilities’ Dr Emma Goodall’s Academia and ResearchGate pages contain some (but not all) of her research articles, with further information on her LinkedIn page.

You can view Dr Emma Goodall’s presentation on Understanding Autistic Thinking and Interoception for Greater Inclusion and Well-Being here (Nov 2020 for SEN Talk)


– this video introduces interoception and explains how interoceptive awareness can impact behaviour in a range of ways (part 1 of the video). An introduction to the research behind Interoception was produced by the Department for Education in South Australia which is very useful.

  • part 2 of the introduction to interoception, feelings and behaviour explains the hand model of the brain and the autonomic nervous system and how these explain a lot of challenging behaviour.

Resilience for children – This pdf introduces some tips for developing resilience in early childhood. Tips taken from: The Parents’ Practical Guide to Resilience for Children aged 2-10 on the Autism Spectrum

It’s Autism – a positive view by Katy Kenah (2016) :

APAC 2015 Redefining potential to facilitate learning

Radio interview – unlocking autistic potential

Altogether Autism audio recording of Autism, Mental Health and Medication

Altogether Autism ppt to go with audio above (includes intro to speaker):

Altogether Autism audio recording of Simple teaching strategies (includes intro to speaker)

Altogether Autism ppt to go with audio above: Altogether Autism Conference July 2015

Special Ed expo July 2015: DECD early years july2015  DECD primary july2015

Video illustrating sensory experience of autism

supporting autistic spectrum students june 2015     supporting autistic spectrum students june 2015 pdf version

Teacher professional development 2015 july        teacher professional development PDF version

Being on the autism spectrum

Understanding autism wkshop

Autism NZ 2012 presentation

The value of lived experience in improving teacher

What Teachers want from their Specialist Support Professionals

The role of attitude and willingness

Altogether Autism journal-summer-2014 (southern hemisphere summer!) (my article is pages 8-11)

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