Healthy Possibilities - achieving autistic potential

Helping people reach their potential


Healthy Possibilities supports families/whanau, schools, workplaces and other organizations to support people on the autistic spectrum (from birth to adulthood).  Whether your child is in their first years, at school or an adult, if they are on the autistic spectrum  it can be difficult to find the support to help you ensure your child reaches their potential. Healthy Possibilities was set up to empower families/whanau, schools, people on the autistic spectrum and others to work together to support autistic children and adults achieve.
Services available in Adelaide privately or using HCWA or NDIS funding. For other locations please contact me for availability.

Support for:


Are you looking for support with assessment, evaluation, programme planning and delivery or staff training? Healthy Possibilities can help in all these areas to ensure that schools are in the best possible position to facilitate success for students on the autistic spectrum.

Support for families/whanau:

Are you seeking information about how to support your child’s development? Whether you child is pre-school age or in high school Healthy Possibilities can help. Understanding your child’s autism will help you to work with them to not only make sense of the world and their place in it, but it will enable you to ensure your child keeps developing their skills and reach their potential.

Support for Individuals

Are you finding some aspects of life anxiety provoking or distressing? If you struggle with getting on with others in the workplace or socially and feel that you could benefit from learning some strategies, Healthy Possibilities can help. Following on from a consultation a plan is drawn up of your goals and what steps need to be taken to get there. Healthy Possibilities can show you how to achieve those steps over time and learn strategies to deal with anxiety and stress.

Support Agencies and Government Departments:

Do you work with people with autism? Healthy Possibilities can train one or more staff to understand the autistic spectrum and how this affects a person. This can ensure that staff engage positively with people with autism and avoid serious problems developing.


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